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Joybar kicks music career with single, Burn Out

August 24, 2021
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Joybar kicks music career with single, Burn Out

Nkwo Ifeanyi Rapheal (born March 6, 1998), known professionally as Joybar is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and recording artist fuelled with the influence of the Afrobeat sound merged with soul and feel good music.

Joybar started out with music while he was still in high school gathering a great deal of popularity amongst his peers.Birthing to a unique sound masterfully representing the voice and joy of the youth,he later went on to pursue a professional career as a musical artist after graduating from the department of banking and finance, Nnamdi Azikiwe University,Awka.

Joybar was brought up in the streets of Lagos and born to an igbo family in Anambra state in the eastern part of Nigeria, Joybar is no stranger to the Nigerian culture and the struggle of the common people. He expresses love, joy and the celebration of prosperity and abundance in his music.Its no surprise Joybar is always the life of the party living the “Faji lifestyle” as he fondly calls it.

BURN OUT by Joybar is a song that’s bound to keep you energized, that tells a story of trenches to greatness.

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Victony – Dark Times

July 30, 2021
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In a world of Uncertainty, Victony tends to rely on divine interventions

Months ago, our hearts were heavy and filled with fear and uncertainty as the Outlaw King lay bedridden from an accident that caused multiple temporary damages.

victony pic 1

If you recall, the news of the accident sent panic and shockwaves into the camp of the Outlaws and other well-wishers across and outside the country. While he laid on his hospital bed fighting to survive, he held onto the one thing he loves the most —music. He hummed songs every day to keep his mind positive and it was a gleam of hope as everyone rooted for his recovery. Having been discharged from the hospital, he expressed that he felt like he had been given a second chance at life and immediately went back to making music.


Months later, Victor Anthony Ebuka popularly known as Victony has turned his pain and trauma into what he knows how to do best —beautiful, soulful music. Today, he has released a single capsule titled “DARK TIMES” containing two singles —‘Pray’ and ‘Unfamiliar Realms’ on which he bares it all. He expresses his vulnerability in all of its rawness on these songs that will give your heart a little tug at every listen. Be sure to say a prayer for Victony as you stream these songs.

Listen to ‘Dark Times’ here:

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She Broke His Heart, And He’s Dropping An Album.

July 29, 2021
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She Broke His Heart, And He’s Dropping An Album.

A review of Omah Lay’s Understand by Omolawyer for Modern Garage.

Vivid storytelling. Well painted scenarios. Infectious rhythms. Heartfelt confessions. Irresistible percussions. Soulful instrumentals. Since we knew him, this is how Omah Lay has chosen to tell his story and sing his songs. From his music, we identify a young man constantly speaking about his innermost feelings, adventurous ways and vices. With this, he has been falling in love and taking his Afro-Fusion with him, to the world and back.

Take a short trip back to his first EP a year ago, GET LAYD. Here, there’s clearly a woman in the picture and he’s feeling her. They’re in what seems to be like a talking stage of some sorts. On DAMN, it’s clear how much she loves him, regardless of whatever he’s doing. He loves her too, as we saw in YOU. However, there’s always two sides to a coin. The first thing he says on LO LO is

“Go tell all your friends I love them too”
” I look nice but I’m not so so good”

He’s also intentional on blowing her mind (and back too, if I may add), and he goes on to show off how well he does that on YE YE YE. From the name of the project and its content, one thing is clear: there’s a woman, and he’s trying to woo her.

omah lay picture

The first thing he says on his next project is “Oh My Bebe”. On this song, he’s spazzing. He’s overwhelmed with the feeling of love he’s getting from his baby. He’s also interested in fully reciprocating the love, as he goes

“I wanna do you things wey you no go understand, later you go find out”

Who’s this woman? She has our man offering love, making plans and occasionally chipping in rhetorical questions, asking what she’s done to him, and why he’s feeling that way.
CONFESSION is what it is. His truth at the time. He goes:
“Started as a one-man squad
Bani come jejely reach my front ah ah
Henny dey go shot by shot
I wanna do this shit all night long ah ah
The plan na to chop lock up
Maggot don begin turn python ah ah
The way she dey treat my Fuck-up
I no wan see doctor”

In his first verse, he basically tells his story. From being a single ‘one man squad’ guy, He has fallen deep in love for this woman and the only thing he can do about it is confess his love for her expressly, all the time hoping she doesn’t fall in love with another guy.

“I just wanna know you love me back
I don’t want you loving another guy”

Now, it’s clearer. The pattern becomes more visible. He’s hooked. He has fallen for this woman. He’s confessing and confessing, telling her to listen to him. Something must kill a man, and he has probably found his poison.

omah lay picture 2

The other two new songs on the EP, Can’t relate and Godly has Omah Lay dwelling more in his spiritual side, as he sings about his newly acquired fame, him getting used to it and God saving his soul and being there for him when it mattered most. It’s clearer where his head was at the time. From the start of his career till this point, the only constant things on his mind were God, his fans, this mystery girl he has now fallen for and all they’ve done together, hence the EP title, WHAT HAVE WE DONE?

After the project dropped late 2020, Omah Lay teases fans about an album and disappears from the scene and doesn’t return till late July. When he does, it’s to announce to the world that he’s shattered. Things have changed. His mystery woman left him, and he’s having a hard time wrapping his head around it!
Tempoe finds the perfect chemistry between Afrobeat and Highlife for Omah lay to cry and wail on. For such a short song, he really says a lot. He’s reflecting on his choices and decisions, wondering where he missed it.
Everything is wrong. He sounds like he’s crying. You can hear the rasp in his voice. There’s Confusion, Heartbreak, Betrayal, Pain, and Regret all over the place. It’s normal to hear Omah Lay’s emotions in his voice and lyrics, and this is no different. His mystery woman is gone, and he’s in a state of bewilderment and consternation.

The verse and chorus echoes Omah Lay’s confusion. They show his inability to explain or comprehend what’s happening. He can’t grasp how his act of unwavering sacrifice ended up in futility.
With a coarse pain stricken voice, he lashes out on the second verse.

The only thing he feels now is boundless pity for his fans. They’re going to have to sing and dance to his pain and sorrows. The woman he has been wooing all along has broken his heart. All he’s left with now is God and his fans. He doesn’t hide this, as he calls Oluwa (God) to fix his problem as he can’t seem to do so himself. Within seconds he’s cursing, refusing to see why anything should justify the actions of his mystery woman.

Using his infectious melodies to invoke nostalgic feelings of heartbreak, Omah Lay speaks his mind. He goes on to reflect on romance, sacrifices and his current love life. His mystery woman seems to have left their relationship, and this man is genuinely concerned. People don’t understand him. He’s dropping an album and he’s about to serve his fans with his pain. He’s running mad. Wasn’t he the one that wanted to do her things she won’t understand? What’d he do wrong? Why his best friend? Where does he start from? Omah Lay really doesn’t Understand.


New Releases


July 29, 2021
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Emerging artist, Leo Beats, is ready to capture the attention of listeners with the release of his brand-new single titled My Number One. The track was produced by ace producer, Beats by Timmy.

The talented singer has been on hiatus for a few months, taking time off to polish his musical skills. He joins the new generation of singers in the neo contemporary Afrobeats that sees singers flex their vocals and conjure exceptional melodies. He is ready to make a mark in the Nigerian music scene.

Leo BeatsMy Number One is a love-inspired track that sees the artist sing tuneful notes about a woman who he considers to be his highest priority. It’s an AfroRnB track with a BPM (Beats Per Minute) of 103. It’s the genesis of a fresh start, and he’s super charged to take his career to the next level.

My Number One is out now on all platforms.

Click here to stream on all platforms 

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Lojay deserves all the love and attention.

July 14, 2021

Lojay deserves all the love and attention.

On the 3rd of June, 2021, Afrobeat powerhouse and Globally recognized producer, Osabuohien Osarentin, popularly known as Sarz captured our attention with a video of a young man’s eye being struck with awe as the vocals of the background song switched midway.

The video became an instant meme, as the young man couldn’t contain his excitement when Sarz played the surprise feature from Grammy-winning singer and Global superstar, Wizkid.

That young man is LOJAY.

Relatively unknown to the Nigerian music scene, it was quite a surprise when Sarz announced an E.P was in the works with the newcomer. Sarz had only been on a joint project with Afro-Soul singer, Wurld on an E.p dubbed I Like Girls With Trobul (ILGWT). With the bar been set pretty high by Wurld already, Lojay knew he had to deliver and Boy O Boy, he understood the assignment.

A 3-month Bootcamp between the duo (Lojay and Sarz) gave birth to a 5-track E.P called LV N ATTN. This joint E.P is characterized by Sarz’s versatility and elite Productions skills coupled up with Lojay’s soothing vocals, precise lyrics and expert delivery.



The mid-tempo paced project starts with Tonongo as Sarz employs some rich bass combo, slow rhythmic drums and a guitar loop to give us a masterpiece of a beat. 10 seconds in, Lojay storms in with his silky voice and narrates his experience with a stripper. Armed with some lambas and great melody, the singer tells his story with flawless delivery.

review from twitter
Joey Akan is in agreement

Park O X3

Channelling his Yoruba roots, Lojay craves for the woman’s attention, repeatedly saying “Park O” then going ahead to ask for her consent saying “And I seek permission to throw you down”. He also let her know that he is ready to show loads of love if she gives him her attention. Such an enjoyable tune.


Lojay started this track in elite fashion, with his soothing voice he calms the babe down and appreciates her body in a manner only Yoruba demons do telling her “Body wey Dey burn like shitor, She no need a silicone no, But her Cinnabon look like silicone o”.After making her feel like a Queen in the first verse, he then proceeds to ask for her love and attention in a falsetto tone all through the chorus.

His desperation however comes to the fore in verse 2 as he asks for an immediate response “Girl I need your answer now, Baby keep me satisfied, be my lover lovеr o”.

Assisting Lojay with his signature voice and awesome composure on the 3rd verse was Wizkid. Big Wiz bodied his verse, giving us catchy lines that will make any crowd sing along.

Shout out to Sarz too, the Konga loop was sick!


Panty is more Sarz than Lojay. The beat is a madness (I’m sure the last 10 seconds of the song was laced with crack). Sarz reminded us that we are now in 2021 and he is still nobody’s mate. It is a chilled track with a catchy hook. There was a lot of repeated lyrics here, we needed more from Lojay. The song was also too short!!!


My Favourite
Again, Sarz was in his bag on this track. He explored the Afro-House genre, producing a club banger. Lojay admitted in an interview “Monalisa” is special ’cause Sarz had planned to use the beat for something else but when I heard it I liked it so he said if I could kill it I could have it”, and we can all agree that he murdered this one.

With his lyrical dexterity, he lusted after Monalisa’s body while also craving for her love providing a balanced mix of love and lust which was the theme of the E.P.

I can guarantee you that if Lojay performs Monalisa at a concert, the crowd is legit going crazy!

In Conclusion

Lojay describes his sound as “Sexy, Edgy, Melodic and Lyrically Elite”, and we definitely saw all of that on the project. With his sublime vocals alongside Sarz’s deft production and a feature from Wizkid, it is fair to say that Lojay deserves all the love and attention.

Writer: Okuboyejo Ayokunmi.

New Releases

Drae Lee – Anatomy

June 29, 2021
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Drae Lee,Originally birthed as Timehin-Adeyoyin Damilare Michael, a Nigerian Based Nigerian singer. He was born In the heart of Lagos state,Nigeria which gives him his major inspiration to do lifestyle, conscious and morally aware music. His melodies originate from deep Afro-Beats and Modern Hip-Hop Music .

“Anatomy” is a simple Afro-Pop song that tells a story about how Boys love Girls they get extremely attracted to and also how Girls make it hard for them Boys.

Click here to stream anatomy