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She Broke His Heart, And He’s Dropping An Album.

A review of Omah Lay’s Understand by Omolawyer for Modern Garage.

Vivid storytelling. Well painted scenarios. Infectious rhythms. Heartfelt confessions. Irresistible percussions. Soulful instrumentals. Since we knew him, this is how Omah Lay has chosen to tell his story and sing his songs. From his music, we identify a young man constantly speaking about his innermost feelings, adventurous ways and vices. With this, he has been falling in love and taking his Afro-Fusion with him, to the world and back.

Take a short trip back to his first EP a year ago, GET LAYD. Here, there’s clearly a woman in the picture and he’s feeling her. They’re in what seems to be like a talking stage of some sorts. On DAMN, it’s clear how much she loves him, regardless of whatever he’s doing. He loves her too, as we saw in YOU. However, there’s always two sides to a coin. The first thing he says on LO LO is

“Go tell all your friends I love them too”
” I look nice but I’m not so so good”

He’s also intentional on blowing her mind (and back too, if I may add), and he goes on to show off how well he does that on YE YE YE. From the name of the project and its content, one thing is clear: there’s a woman, and he’s trying to woo her.

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The first thing he says on his next project is “Oh My Bebe”. On this song, he’s spazzing. He’s overwhelmed with the feeling of love he’s getting from his baby. He’s also interested in fully reciprocating the love, as he goes

“I wanna do you things wey you no go understand, later you go find out”

Who’s this woman? She has our man offering love, making plans and occasionally chipping in rhetorical questions, asking what she’s done to him, and why he’s feeling that way.
CONFESSION is what it is. His truth at the time. He goes:
“Started as a one-man squad
Bani come jejely reach my front ah ah
Henny dey go shot by shot
I wanna do this shit all night long ah ah
The plan na to chop lock up
Maggot don begin turn python ah ah
The way she dey treat my Fuck-up
I no wan see doctor”

In his first verse, he basically tells his story. From being a single ‘one man squad’ guy, He has fallen deep in love for this woman and the only thing he can do about it is confess his love for her expressly, all the time hoping she doesn’t fall in love with another guy.

“I just wanna know you love me back
I don’t want you loving another guy”

Now, it’s clearer. The pattern becomes more visible. He’s hooked. He has fallen for this woman. He’s confessing and confessing, telling her to listen to him. Something must kill a man, and he has probably found his poison.

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The other two new songs on the EP, Can’t relate and Godly has Omah Lay dwelling more in his spiritual side, as he sings about his newly acquired fame, him getting used to it and God saving his soul and being there for him when it mattered most. It’s clearer where his head was at the time. From the start of his career till this point, the only constant things on his mind were God, his fans, this mystery girl he has now fallen for and all they’ve done together, hence the EP title, WHAT HAVE WE DONE?

After the project dropped late 2020, Omah Lay teases fans about an album and disappears from the scene and doesn’t return till late July. When he does, it’s to announce to the world that he’s shattered. Things have changed. His mystery woman left him, and he’s having a hard time wrapping his head around it!
Tempoe finds the perfect chemistry between Afrobeat and Highlife for Omah lay to cry and wail on. For such a short song, he really says a lot. He’s reflecting on his choices and decisions, wondering where he missed it.
Everything is wrong. He sounds like he’s crying. You can hear the rasp in his voice. There’s Confusion, Heartbreak, Betrayal, Pain, and Regret all over the place. It’s normal to hear Omah Lay’s emotions in his voice and lyrics, and this is no different. His mystery woman is gone, and he’s in a state of bewilderment and consternation.

The verse and chorus echoes Omah Lay’s confusion. They show his inability to explain or comprehend what’s happening. He can’t grasp how his act of unwavering sacrifice ended up in futility.
With a coarse pain stricken voice, he lashes out on the second verse.

The only thing he feels now is boundless pity for his fans. They’re going to have to sing and dance to his pain and sorrows. The woman he has been wooing all along has broken his heart. All he’s left with now is God and his fans. He doesn’t hide this, as he calls Oluwa (God) to fix his problem as he can’t seem to do so himself. Within seconds he’s cursing, refusing to see why anything should justify the actions of his mystery woman.

Using his infectious melodies to invoke nostalgic feelings of heartbreak, Omah Lay speaks his mind. He goes on to reflect on romance, sacrifices and his current love life. His mystery woman seems to have left their relationship, and this man is genuinely concerned. People don’t understand him. He’s dropping an album and he’s about to serve his fans with his pain. He’s running mad. Wasn’t he the one that wanted to do her things she won’t understand? What’d he do wrong? Why his best friend? Where does he start from? Omah Lay really doesn’t Understand.


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