Lojay deserves all the love and attention.

On the 3rd of June, 2021, Afrobeat powerhouse and Globally recognized producer, Osabuohien Osarentin, popularly known as Sarz captured our attention with a video of a young man’s eye being struck with awe as the vocals of the background song switched midway.

The video became an instant meme, as the young man couldn’t contain his excitement when Sarz played the surprise feature from Grammy-winning singer and Global superstar, Wizkid.

That young man is LOJAY.

Relatively unknown to the Nigerian music scene, it was quite a surprise when Sarz announced an E.P was in the works with the newcomer. Sarz had only been on a joint project with Afro-Soul singer, Wurld on an E.p dubbed I Like Girls With Trobul (ILGWT). With the bar been set pretty high by Wurld already, Lojay knew he had to deliver and Boy O Boy, he understood the assignment.

A 3-month Bootcamp between the duo (Lojay and Sarz) gave birth to a 5-track E.P called LV N ATTN. This joint E.P is characterized by Sarz’s versatility and elite Productions skills coupled up with Lojay’s soothing vocals, precise lyrics and expert delivery.



The mid-tempo paced project starts with Tonongo as Sarz employs some rich bass combo, slow rhythmic drums and a guitar loop to give us a masterpiece of a beat. 10 seconds in, Lojay storms in with his silky voice and narrates his experience with a stripper. Armed with some lambas and great melody, the singer tells his story with flawless delivery.

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Joey Akan is in agreement

Park O X3

Channelling his Yoruba roots, Lojay craves for the woman’s attention, repeatedly saying “Park O” then going ahead to ask for her consent saying “And I seek permission to throw you down”. He also let her know that he is ready to show loads of love if she gives him her attention. Such an enjoyable tune.


Lojay started this track in elite fashion, with his soothing voice he calms the babe down and appreciates her body in a manner only Yoruba demons do telling her “Body wey Dey burn like shitor, She no need a silicone no, But her Cinnabon look like silicone o”.After making her feel like a Queen in the first verse, he then proceeds to ask for her love and attention in a falsetto tone all through the chorus.

His desperation however comes to the fore in verse 2 as he asks for an immediate response “Girl I need your answer now, Baby keep me satisfied, be my lover lovеr o”.

Assisting Lojay with his signature voice and awesome composure on the 3rd verse was Wizkid. Big Wiz bodied his verse, giving us catchy lines that will make any crowd sing along.

Shout out to Sarz too, the Konga loop was sick!


Panty is more Sarz than Lojay. The beat is a madness (I’m sure the last 10 seconds of the song was laced with crack). Sarz reminded us that we are now in 2021 and he is still nobody’s mate. It is a chilled track with a catchy hook. There was a lot of repeated lyrics here, we needed more from Lojay. The song was also too short!!!


My Favourite
Again, Sarz was in his bag on this track. He explored the Afro-House genre, producing a club banger. Lojay admitted in an interview “Monalisa” is special ’cause Sarz had planned to use the beat for something else but when I heard it I liked it so he said if I could kill it I could have it”, and we can all agree that he murdered this one.

With his lyrical dexterity, he lusted after Monalisa’s body while also craving for her love providing a balanced mix of love and lust which was the theme of the E.P.

I can guarantee you that if Lojay performs Monalisa at a concert, the crowd is legit going crazy!

In Conclusion

Lojay describes his sound as “Sexy, Edgy, Melodic and Lyrically Elite”, and we definitely saw all of that on the project. With his sublime vocals alongside Sarz’s deft production and a feature from Wizkid, it is fair to say that Lojay deserves all the love and attention.

Writer: Okuboyejo Ayokunmi.

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