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Pandamonae who is regarded as the leader of the panda force is an Afro Swing/ Fusion singer nd songwriter. On the 25th
of June 2021 he releases his first single of the year titled “Laba
Laba”. From the jump of the record, you can hear Pandamonae talking about how sometime in
the past his vibe wasn’t good enough and he had to work on himself as an artiste and as an
individual to become better and also referencing how tough times wouldn’t last forever in his
growth process.

Click here To stream Laba Laba now

Speaking on the track Panda States: “
Laba Laba is about me as an individual channeling my
inner power to yield greatness. It’s also a dedication to my father and something he used to say
to me about patience which is “after hard work all you need to do is wait for your results”. He’d
say I can’t force greatness because it takes steps. Laba Laba means “Butterfly” in Yoruba and
we all know that the life cycle of a butterfly starts as an egg then into a caterpillar then into a
chrysalis before reaching adulthood and every stage requires patience before
beauty emerges.
My greatness is like the life cycle of a butterfly”.
“Being a real life experience person and a story teller, music allows me the opportunity
to paint pictures of things my eyes have seen”

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