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Kaduna-born singer-songwriter and producer, Chukwuka Ekweani, popularly known as CKay, recently dropped his second EP in three years, his first after leaving Chocolate City titled “Boyfriend”. The EP was released under Warner Music which he is currently signed to. This is currently one of the highest stages of his career, coming off the success of his last EP, “Ckay the First”.

Influenced by Chris Brown and Usher who he listened to while growing up, the 7-track project is a mix of R&B, Afrobeat and infused with Latino sounds. The collection of songs introduces CKay as the emotional and traditional “lover boy” who is definitely not afraid to express his feelings through his lyrics. The songs on the EP were made “for women”, he admits and he began making the project after coming out of two very “eventful” relationships which “ended in tears”.

Kicking off the project is the perfect love letter – Felony. In the first few lines of the record, CKAY starts by schooling lover boys everywhere on how to properly woo a woman, with lyrics like:
“Baby one in a million oh
Most beautiful lady I know
you’re everything I need and more”.
Ckay is not afraid to be vulnerable with his lady and even goes further by letting her know how important she is to him so much so that he would sleep in a cell “if loving you is a felony”. Big surprise that this particular track is successful with the ladies? I think not.
Felony pays big respect to TuBaba’s ‘If Love Is A Crime’ which follows the same theme but was released more than 10 years prior.



In Show My Side, CKay in a bid to get the girl in the song to come over to his place, comes clean and lets her know that he wants to “chop your occupation”. He enlists the help of Amaarae who enforces the track with her sultry sound and lyrics. Jeje De Whine can be regarded as a continuation to this track because in it, he tells “Folake” not to leave and that she should stay the night. Clearly, he was able to get her to come to his place.

On Isabella, he sings with an unsurety on if his feelings are a result of lust or love, claiming that whenever he sees her face, his world lights up and anytime he sees her, “e dey sweet my blood”. He tells her later on in the track that he’ll write her love letters and can be her Mr. Romantic. If wanting to write love letters isn’t a sign that he’s lovestruck, then I don’t know what is.

He goes on and expresses the challenges in his relationship in Skoin Skoin where he claims to love but sometimes hate the woman he’s with. He says she “too get Skoin Skoin” which means that she behaves in a weird manner occasionally.

In Mezebu, he takes a few bottles of alcohol (probably maybe more than a few) and then makes the ultimate mistake which he’ll end up regretting in the morning: he texts his ex. He claims that he “don mezebu” which basically translates to being intoxicated. Oxlade brings his melodious voice onto the track and KiDi also expresses his feelings on it.

Kiss Me Like You Miss Me is the perfect track to end the project with. This record is for every lover boy and CKay passes across the message every guy wants to pass but cannot bring themselves to simply because of their “hard guy” nature. He said in an interview that this was the last song he made on the project.

Obviously, this project is a properly structured and compiled one. The theme of love is recurrent and he shows us the different sorts of love he has experienced in his relationships and also, the way he loves. Personally, I can relate to a few of his lyrics and I’m sure most guys can too.

Final Thoughts
Although the sound in this EP is quite different from what Nigerians are used to, it is really enjoyable and it seems to be where the future of Afrobeats is headed; mixing Afro sounds with foreign sounds, that is. And I can say that Nigerians are warming up to the sound already as Felony has been one of the hottest tracks in the country since its release.

We are to expect a few videos, more singles and possibly an album this year, according to the talented artist. But in the meantime he has informed us that he’ll be working on collaborations.
I, for one, cannot wait to see what CKay still has in store for us.

Writer: Diekola Ismail.

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